British Rising Singer-Songwriter Alexander Mountain Releases New Song ‘Streetlights’

Last year we were delighted to share the work of singer-songwriter Alexander Mountain and his track We Fall Down, which we described as “an impressive showcase for Alexander’s original and authentic voice as an artist.” Alexander follows the track with his latest single Streetlights, a slow-burning folk-pop gem that conveys a delicate, honest emotion through its intricate soundscapes and rich vocals.

Crafted with woozy percussion and absorbing guitar instrumentation, Alexander describes Streetlights as centring on the performer’s “lust for love despite apparent reservations and reluctance. It epitomises the extremities humans face when feelings run deep, prompting them to excuse their actions, when there is but silence at the other end.” The track is produced in collaboration with Tomas Padron and mastered by Bill Hare.

This down-tempo gem sees Alexander deliver imagery-packed lyrics, such as “Linger under streetlights there is no one around, Just the echoes of footsteps as yours hit the ground, The exchange of our hands, That held me down, damn, Soon you would push me away, Like a stranger who invaded your space…” delivered with a charismatic honesty by the East Sussex based songwriter.

Alexander and Tomas Padron took inspiration from Maggie Rogers’ 2019 album Heard It In A Past Life on the composition, which you can hear above.

Connect with Alexander here.