Natalie Bergman Channels Catharsis and Redemption as She Releases Debut Solo Album ‘Mercy’

Natalie Bergman has found success in brother-sister duo Wild Belle but the Chicago native goes solo on her album Mercy, a startling and hauntingly beautiful release which she self-produces. The singer notes: “This is the best writing I have done in my life. ​​I started writing music when I was very young; I’ve always had a child-like, nursery rhyme approach to my music,” adding that “the album is my testament.”

The music crafted by Natalie almost packs a cathartic punch, with the music coming shortly after the tragic death of her father and step-mother at the hands of a drunk-driver. Natalie found herself in a monastery in the Southwestern desert, with the singer noting “When you’re in the wilderness you pay attention to how you hear. I was granted some clarity and given some relief.”

Natalie’s mix of redemptive power and catharsis are blended with woozy nostalgic videos – some sticking with a black and white aesthetic style such as that for Shine Your Light On Me. Talk To The Lord has a similar vintage approach, captured with Super 8 graininess and free-spirited sixties energy. The album is released through Jack White’s Third Man Records on streaming, digital, CD and vinyl May 7th.

See the tracklist below:

1. Talk To The Lord
2. Shine Your Light On Me
3. I Will Praise You
4. I’m Going Home
5. Home At Last
6. You Make My World Go Round
7. Paint The Rain
8. The Gallows
9. Your Love is My Shelter
10. He Will Lift You Up Higher
11. Sweet Mary
12. Last Farewell