RuPaul’s Drag Race Favourite The Rosé Debuts Single ‘The Devil In The Details’

Anyone who tuned into all 736 episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race season thirteen could see that Scottish queen Rosé was destined for success. Her latest single The Devil In The Details only goes to prove this further, with the performer delivering a slice of slick pop excellence on the anthemic track.

There’s an eighties-influence heard in the shimmering synth-based production from Sixfoot 5 delivering stadium-ready sounds. Rosé’s vocal sounds immaculate as she croons “Get out of your head, boy, Your blood still running red, boy? The complicated truth is you’ve got nothing to prove, To get me in your bed, boy…” in the track’s opening verses, capturing a heated romantic connection.

The star accompanied the release by noting: “Stop whatever the fuck you’re doing, take off your shirt, and dance into Summer. I cannot wait to share this piece of my soul with you.” Yes ma’am!

The track follows Rosé’s Gimme What I Want which was released earlier this year. Connect with Rosé here.