British Country Star Tommy Atkins Releases New Song ‘Stuck Behind a Tractor’

British country star Tommy Atkins impressed with his stellar EP Kiss Me Cowboy last year. Delighting with its key LGBTQ+ message at its heart and immaculate country sound, Tommy found success in the UK and overseas with the four track collection. He now pushes on with his upcoming debut album which is preceded by new single Stuck Behind a Tractor. Tommy shared the inspiration behind the track:

“Out where we live, we get stuck behind tractors all the time, and I thought that was the perfect metaphor for where I’m at right now. Between the Covid lockdowns, turning 30 and moving out to the country, I’ve learned to slow down and not lose my shit when things aren’t happening as quickly as I’d like.”

The song sings of pushing hard to achieve your goals, yet having to take your foot off the gas and slow down due to the circumstances in the world at the moment. Tommy works alongside Dr. Ford and musical talents Michael Cleveland, Smith Curry, Chris Condon and Pete Lyman on the upcoming album.

You can pre-order Tommy’s album here.