Shameless Idol Worship: The Men of Eurovision 2021’s Sexiest Moments

With every new Eurovision Song Contest comes an array of handsome gentlemen. These men caught our eye, so we’ve decided to celebrate with some of their finest non-musical moments in a Shameless Idol Worship: Eurovision 2021 Special. Click on any photo to enlarge it. We’ve copied in links to the gent’s Instagrams, the source of most of the original photos.

Stefania’s Dancers Nikos Koukakis and Kostas Pavlopoulos

Interval Star Ahmad Joudeh

Hurricane’s Loco Loco Co-Star Petar Rasic

Destiny’s Je Me Casse Co-star Kyle Curmi

Austria’s Vincent Bueno

Estonia’s Uku Suviste

Czech Republic’s Benny Cristo

Germany’s Jendrik

Spain’s Blas Cantó