Emerging Talent Hen Releases Darkpop Anthem ‘Born 2 Drive’

Brimming with funk-flavoured bass, Hen’s latest single Born 2 Drive conjures up both sixties and eighties imagery of leather-clad greasers whilst emphasising the homoerotic undertones of the style. The Brooklyn based artist notes: “Born 2 Drive is a song about rejecting stability and instead choosing to pursue the thrill of the chase, whatever that chase may be.”

Hen teams-up with producer Sefi Carmel whose credits include mixing for David Bowie and serving as sound supervisor for the Eurovision Song Contest. Opening with subtle synths (immediately capturing the eighties influence of the track), rippling basslines and Hen’s woozy, intoxicating vocals soon slide into the fold. Born 2 Drive is brimming with energy and sex appeal, serving as a stellar follow-up to Hen’s previous 2021 single Devil’s Sound.

Hen has been making a name for himself as both a producer and singer-songwriter, noting that he predominantly makes music for the gays. He aims to “make something new from the sum of many parts. My songs are Frankenstein monsters of references, all of which are ultimately about the outcast.” You can hear Hen’s most recent collaboration as part of Tom Aspaul’s Black Country Discotheque on Close 2 Me (feat. Foxgluvv).

Stream Born 2 Drive above. Connect with Hen on his Instagram.