Pop Heavyweights VINCINT and Alex Newell Join Forces on ‘Higher’

Begin your weekend with some sheer musical excellence from the pop talents VINCINT and Alex Newell who join forces with rapper Princess Precious for new release Higher. The track marks the start of VINCINT’s next musical era and kicks things off to a delightful high-energy start.

VINCINT notes “A new era starts tonight. I hope you’re all ready,” before going on to thank his collaborators: “Thank you so much Alex Newell for saying yes in the drop of a dime, lending your incredible voice and taking the song to another level and being the most beautiful soul ever.” He then expressed his gratitude to Princes Precious noting “you are a true gem and having you be apart of this moment with me is something I’ll never forget! This song wouldn’t be complete without you! Thank you for your light and your heart!”

Higher is a high energy dance anthem sees VINCINT sing: “Where have, Where have you been all my life, Boy don’t stop taking me (high), Higher than I’ve ever been (oh high), Higher than the heavens is…” against euphoric electronic production from JHart and STORYBOARDS.

The track is written by VINCINT, Harrison Mead, and James Abrahart. It benefits from the attitude of Princess Precious’s attitude filled verses and Alex Newell’s staggeringly impressive vocal range which help craft a stellar feel-good party sound.

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