Norwegian Pop Sensations Donkeyboy Return With ‘Kentucky’

Twelve years after their hit Ambitions, Norwegian pop favourites Donkeyboy embark on a new musical chapter with their latest single Kentucky. The track serves as the band’s first since 2019’s standalone Think You Should and 2018’s It’ll Be Alright.

Kentucky is a peppy pop number with a country-twang present from its guitar elements and referencing of US locations from Kentucky, California, and New Orleans. It’s a soulful, emotive number that evokes a sense of nostalgia – and channels our longing for new Donkeboy music. The track is written and produced by bandmembers Cato Sundberg and Kent Sundberg.

We can only hope that this is the start of a new musical chapter for the band. Their most recent studio album was 2016’s Lost.

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