Conchita WURST Delivers Summer Feels on Breezy Feel-Good New Single ‘MALEBU’

After the brooding industrial electronic sounds of the Truth Over Magnitude album, WURST returns with a breezy slice of Summer fun on track MALEBU.

Packed with woozy Summer imagery, WURST sings: “A summer night in Malebu, Feels like falling out of time I feel love, only love for you, Under the cotton candy sky…” against slinky peppy electronic production from producer Albin Janoska. The lyrics are penned by Tom Neuwirth (aka Conchita aka WURST) and Martin Zerza, and serve as a slice of breezy energetic fun whilst showing WURST is not afraid to dive into exciting new soundscapes.

We’re not quite sure about the decision to spell MALEBU instead of Malibu – answers on a postcard please – however, we are incredibly excited that WURST has reunited with producer Zerza as the pair crafted sheer magic on the T.O.M album. Hopefully MALEBU is a slice of WURST’s new full length musical venture.