Norwegian Alt-Pop Starlet Hanne Mjøen Debuts Dark Dancefloor Friendly ‘Hell With You’

Norwegian alt-pop star Hanne Mjøen delights with her dark, raw yet intoxicatingly danceable new single Hell With You. The track is a slice of Hanne’s upcoming EP Emotional Fever which was written between the musical hubs of Stockholm and London.

With a scintillating electronic chorus, rippling with vibrant energy, Hanne sings “Heaven is for girls that play nice, I’d rather stay in hell with you…” showcasing a smart lyrical awareness and originality. Hanne co-writes with Karl Zine, whilst Sondre Mjåland produces. This is a career-best anthem – a lavish electronic hit that captures surely a pivotal moment in taking Hanne towards widespread stardom.

Hell With You tackles the concept of falling out of love but not wanting to finalise a break-up due to fear of being alone. Hanne notes: “You want to leave knowing this isn’t “it” for you, but you’re scared of being alone, and not ready to give it up.”

It is noted that “Emotional Fever is an outlet for Mjøen’s feelings and the realisation that adulthood isn’t how it seems through rose-tinted glasses”. The singer shares, “The theme of my new music is stepping into the grown-up world, with high expectations and thinking it would change me, but realizing it’s not like a movie.” 

Connect with Hanne below and stay tuned for her upcoming EP.