Roman Rouge Sings About An Unrequited Love In ‘Watching In’

There’s a sense of classic soulful pop about Roman Rouge‘s freshly released Watching In. The new single from the El Paso, Texas native is written by Edgar Cabada and Roman Rojas, and produced by Dan Edinberg.

The track sees the soulful voiced singer croon about pining for someone who is already in a relationship, showcased in lyrics such as “But you’re just so tied with your man, I wanna take you places that you’ve never been, And I just wanna take from all of his plans, And if I catch him slipping I’ll be watching in…” with Roman channelling classic soulful pop in his impressive vocal range and in the song’s elegant production.

Watching In is Roman’s first release of 2021. Musically he had a productive 2020 with singles including Blood on the Scene, I Cry, The Other Me, Need a Friend and Darkness helping him carve out an undeniably impressive discography.

You can connect with Roman below.

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