Bronze Avery Defies Genre With New Single ‘Ready This Time’

Bronze Avery released an impressive batch of musical gems throughout 2020 including Boys!, Sea Salt, Risky Time, and Only You. The singer’s first 2021 release, Ready This Time, produced by AOBeats and co-written by Bronze and Mark Johns, sees the singer begin an intriguing new musical chapter.

In an Instagram post coinciding with the single release, Bronze Avery notes: “Last year I spent a lot of time honing in on who I am, what I want to say, and what societal parameters I’m not subscribing to. This helped me be a better musician, write more honestly, and become a more grounded person tbh.”

He adds: “Going forward, it will be very hard to box me into a genre. It will be impossible to see me as just one thing. I couldn’t be more excited about that – and I think you’re going to love it.”

Ready This Time sees Bronze Avery sing: “Please just leave, boy I need you, I changed my mind all over again, I’ve got you running fast now, Running fast and I’m waiting..” against simmering electronic-flavoured production. The singer’s vocals are gorgeously textured packing a rich emotion into each line of the track.

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