Sasha Sloan and Sam Hunt Join Forces On Breakup Track ‘When Was It Over?’

Since her 2020 album Only Child, Sasha Sloan has gone on to amass over ten million streams a month on Spotify. Her collaboration with Sam Hunt, the emotionally raw When Was It Over? is set to further increase this.

The country hunk and singer-songwriter have a naturally musical spark, with Hunt’s strong Georgia vocal timbre pairing with Sloan’s wistful gentle tones to create a classic country duet. The song is structured with the two parties recounting the moments that could have potentially led to the end of a relationship, with a chorus seeing Sloan reflect: “When was it over for you? When was it over? When was the moment you knew, That you were gonna walk out eventually?” Gentle guitar instrumentation surrounds these vocal performances in production from King Henry. The track is written by Emi Dragoi, Henry Agincourt Allen, Sam Hunt, Sasha Sloan, and Shane McAnally.

Hunt released his long-awaited second album Southside in April 2020. He has teased further new music for 2021.