Oli Barton & The Movement Pack New Single ‘Martyr’ With Rock-Tinged Synths

Oli Barton & The Movement return with their latest single Martyr – a nostalgic synth-laden future hit that teases their upcoming debut mixtape pipe dreams. Brimming with soulful vocals with an edge, swirling rock-flavoured synths, and an impressive lyrical depth, Martyr shines as one of the band’s finest moments.

On the new track, Oli notes: “This last year has really proved something to us. You have to look beyond the negativity, beyond the politics, beyond the media and you will find that people are ultimately always there for each other. We’ve seen these amazing people laying their lives on the line for others and being completely selfless. Lyrically, I wanted to pay tribute to these unsung heroes because they prove that we are always stronger together. The production on this track too is my favourite yet, utilising multiple synth layers and huge drums to bring that pure 80s vibe. . .”

Martyr‘s prescient message and charismatic delivery tease great things for Oli’s debut mixtape ‘pipe dreams’, with the artists working alongside producer Jules Gulon (Sam Smith, Liam Payne, Sam Fender). This is expected in July.

Connect with Oli Barton & The Movement below:

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/olibmovement 
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