NYC’s Nate Rich X Celebrates a Spring Crush on ‘Lilac Breeze’

New York based singer-songwriter Nate Rich X who previously gave us a sad boy winter with Sad Boy Shit and delivered anthemic queer-pop-punk on Text Me Back, now returns with a euphoric electronic pop gem Lilac Breeze.

Opening with vocoder-adapted vocals and whirring synth backing (which returns for the chorus), Lilac Breeze sees Nate’s sultry smooth vocals glide into the fold and warming sensual production begin to charm. At the centre of the track is a queer love story with Nate singing about being intoxicated by a new spring crush.

Nate notes that the song is crafted by an all LGBTQ+ team, with Lilac Breeze shining as another jewel in the emerging artist’s ever-growing discography. Amongst Nate’s other releases are Girlfriend and Chase which can be streamed on his Spotify.

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