Patrick Lammer Combines 90s Indie Pop with Classical Inspired Compositions on Debut Single ‘Thank You’

Patrick Lammer has made a name for himself over the past years working as part of various international theatres and festivals (including The Vienna Festival, Volkstheater Vienna, Salzburg Festival, Bregenz Festival ) as a singer, musician and creator of original stage music. The Vienna based musician brings some of that rich theatrical pedigree to the fold on his debut single Thank You.

Thank You feels part inspired by classical music compositions – thanks to the elegant piano instrumentation, yet Patrick’s voice has a certain edge and raw soulfulness that you might expected from indie nineties pop from like Alanis Morissette or Tori Amos – although there are echoes of Bryan Ferry in its suaveness. Patrick notes “Thank You deals with the difficulties of trying to truly understand what someone else is going through; about well-meaning friends who come up with quick solutions to complex issues without even knowing (or trying to get to know) the entire story.” Patrick works with Bernd Satzinger on the composition.

Patrick expands on the importance of strong lyricism in his music: “Lyrics are essential to me, my songs revolve around queer experiences, body issues, mental health, friendship, sex, identity, and even the state of our planet, the wish and need for connection, healing, and solidarity. Nothing is of limits, everything comes from a place of genuine soul searching, striving toward a strong connection with listeners that will leave a long lasting impression.”

It’s clear that Patrick is a unique voice in the current music scene and with a rich tapestry of inspiration and bold themes to tackle, we’re excited to hear what else the musician has in store.

Connect with Patrick on his Instagram. Stream Thank You now.

Photo: Nanouk Baudrot / Graphics: Bernd Eischeid