Photo: Clarissa Villondo of Karlin Villondo Photography

Rising Dancepop Talent Bryce Bowyn Returns With ‘Ruthless’

We’ve been big fans of rising musical talent Bryce Bowyn’s most recent compositions, with the musician consistently crafting elegant dancefloor flavoured pop anthems. The Washington D.C. based singer returns with his latest slick delight, Ruthless which certainly does not disappoint.

Bryce notes: “This song is about rebounding after a bad breakup. I was in this messy entanglement with another boy. He wasn’t treating me very nicely, but I could tell he had feelings for me. I like to think of myself as quite compassionate, but I was sick of having my heart broken. So I took the opportunity to get a little ruthless and be the heartbreaker for once.”

We think you’ll agree that is a sad realisation but a great concept for a pop song. With bouncing electronic production, Bryce’s always inviting vocal, and an impressive hook, Ruthless shines as one of Bryce’s best.

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