AJ Mitchell Releases New Single ‘STOP’ From Upcoming Debut Album ‘SKYVIEW’

“I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna stop, Baby, it’s our time, Don’t you wanna, don’t you wanna, don’t you wanna be on top?, ‘Cause we own the night…” AJ Mitchell sings in the chorus for STOP which he co-writes with Dan Gleyzer and Michael Medrano. Mike Dean produces the single

The track is a slinky energetic pop anthem where AJ exudes complete charisma and smoothness. With a hypnotic percussive instrumentation powering through the track mirroring a heartbeat, STOP is seductive gem likely to set your pulse racing. The single is expected to be joined by AJ’s previous release Cameras On as part of the Skyview album which is rumoured for a May 2021 release.

AJ is a nineteen year old pop talent from Illinois. His singles All My Friends and Slow Dance (with Ava Max) have made a dent in the US pop charts. He’s gone on to amass near seven million Spotify streams each month.

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