The Complete John Waters Retrospective

It’s sad to come to the end of this John Waters Retrospective. It has been thoroughly enjoyable to revisit the director’s feature work from Pink Flamingos to A Dirty Shame. Waters’ critics dismiss his work as smutty, crude and juvenile, this may be part true. However, the director makes several complex social points throughout all of his films, disguised through his outrageous humour, which should not be dismissed. Waters’ is the King of Trash – trash is not simply crass humour or campiness, it something that must be done right, otherwise can just come off as a bad movie. It must make a statement and it must horrify, entertain and provide some laughs. This is something that NO ONE does better than JOHN WATERS, and we salute him for it.

Here is a complete run down of all the parts in our retrospective:

Pink Flamingos – A Masterclass in Trash
Female Trouble – Nice Girl’s Don’t Wear Cha-Cha Heels
Desperate Living – I Ain’t Your Maid Anymore, Bitch
Polyester – I’m Gonna Get An Abortion and I Can’t Wait!
Hairspray – Let’s Dance
Cry Baby – I’m So Tired of Being Good
Serial Mom – Are Those Pussy… Willows
Pecker – Life Is Nothing If You’re Not Obsessed
Cecil B. Demented – I’m Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. Demented
A Dirty Shame – Let’s Go Sexin’

Now put some trash into your life!

Here is our list in order of  Silver Screen Slag’s favourites from best to worst:
1. Female Trouble
2. Serial Mom
3. Pink Flamingos

4. Cecil B. Demented
5. Polyester
6. A Dirty Shame
7. Desperate Living
8. Hairspray

9. Pecker
10. Cry-Baby

Photo from Walker galleries

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