Uruguayan Pop Talent Max Tejera Drops Album ‘Intenso’

The lovely Max Tejera was featured on the site back in August of last year when he dropped the dreamy single Calma. The Uruguayan pop star returns with a full length album, Intenso, freshly released this week featuring twelve slices of musical excellence.

Prior to the release of the album, Max released the single La Playa where “Max explores the feeling of a lonely and quiet summer on the beach in times of COVID, fantasizing being surrounded friends and having a good time on this pop-dance / pop-house track.” The track is a standout of the album thanks to its euphoric feel-good production and Max’s energised, sultry vocal delivery.

Intenso also contains previous single No Vas A Pasar, an electronic moody track which features echoes of classic eighties dark synthpop.

Max describes his music as  ““mutable pop”, in which he plays with different rhythms and instruments, but always born from the melody of bubblegum pop.” You can hear these flavours in the above album.

Connect with Max below: