Emerging German Pop Talent MKSM Releases Eighties-Influenced Anthem ‘Hold Me Down’

German emerging talent MKSM plays with eighties-influences on Hold Me Down, the lead track from his upcoming EP Highs On Lows. Packed with euphoric synths and dramatic lyricism, the track is a slick dancefloor anthem presented with an anthemic urgency and impact.

MKSM notes that the track centres on the idea of life’s conflicts: “The confrontation with one’s self, with one’s own highs and lows, hopes and fears, is essential in HOLD ME DOWN (EP) – conflicts that everyone is faced with at some point in life, but that everyone can grow from.” The video sees MKSM joined by Berlin-based drag performer and DJ Bambi Mercury, one of the contestants on “Queen Of Drags.”

Hold Me Down will feature on MKSM’s upcoming EP alongside tracks that listeners have previously already enjoyed such as Collide, Be Alright and Sirens.

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