Finnish Pop Sensation Robin Packalen Releases ‘Hard To Love’ Featuring Alex Mattson

Finnish pop talent Robin Packalen has delivered a masterclass in slick, atmospheric pop with his latest single Hard To Love, a collaboration with Alex Mattson. The track is thought to be his first taste of upcoming EP Rest In Beat AM.

Written by Robin alongside Tiina Vainikainen and Aleksi Kaunisvesi, the track is produced by Alex Mattson. It sees Robin sing: “I know I’m hard to love, But you make it easy, When you put your lips, And your hands on my heart, I know I’m hard to love…” against production packed with multi-instrumentation from rippling guitars to empowering percussion.

In a statement on his Instagram, Robin noted: “Working with Alex Mattson has been incredible! Hard To Love is a perfect combination of his style and mine. First time we met with Alex was many years ago but ever since spring 2020 we’ve been working together and it has been so much fun. I’m so happy to call you my friend, because I truly admire your capability for dedication on everything you do! Hanging out with Alex is always unforgettable!”

Robin previously released Rest In Beat PM in 2020 with standout tracks including Drop Dead.

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