Emerging Talent Jake Giles Conjures Up Winsome High School Nostalgia on ‘Quarterback’

We were huge fans of emerging talent Jake Giles’s musical debut Cold Body which was released back in 2020, now the singer returns with the track’s follow-up, Quarterback. The track conjures up nostalgia of growing up queer, blending this with the woozy imagery of the hunky quarterback and life in a rural American high school.

“Quarterback, I’ll keep this close, Nobody has to know, Quarterback, Let’s play pretend, I’ll say you’re just a friend…” Jake sings capturing the longing felt between a football star and gay admirer. Packed with a production style that feels like a heartfelt mid-noughties pop-rocker, Jake sells the narrative with an impressive conviction and genuine winsome nostalgia.

You can stream Quarterback above. Connect with Jake on his social channels below.