Malta’s Destiny Drops ‘Je Me Casse’, Her 2021 Eurovision Song Contest Entry

We really have the suspicion that Destiny would have won Eurovision 2020 had the contest gone ahead as planned. All Of My Love was a euphoric anthem of positivity that soared thanks to Destiny’s powerhouse vocals and thankfully these continue to be showcased on Destiny’s 2021 Eurovision Song Contest entry for Malta, Je Me Casse.

The feel good anthem which translates to English as I Break is composed by Malin Christin, Amanuel Dermont, Nicklas Eklund and Pete Barringer. With jazzy Gatsy-inspired undertones, a bucketload of sass, and a huge clap a-long chorus, Destiny sings “So baby, it’s not a maybe, Yeah, I’m too good to be true, But there’s nothing in it for you, So if I show some skin, Doesn’t mean I’m giving in, Not your baby, Je me casse…” Whilst not as immediate as All Of My Love, Destiny has brought a sonically interesting anthem that incorporates some of the best assets of her previous entry.

You can listen to Je Me Casse above. Destiny will perform the track in Semi-Final one.