MARUV Releases Cover of Jennifer Paige’s ‘Crush’ In Collaboration With ‘Submission Ballet’

Jennifer Paige’s seminal late nineties pop anthem Crush gets an inventive new spin from Ukrainian pop favourite MARUV. The track is released with a video in collaboration with Ukraine’s Submission Ballet with an inventive routine displayed in the music video.

MARUV notes “This is the most challenging and at the same time the most interesting video I’ve ever done!” and it is understandable why she says this. The impressive music video sees her adorning a red ensemble whilst engaging in intricate routines alongside the video’s black-clad ballet performers. It’s a bold, sexually-charged piece that sees MARUV stand out due to the inventive staging and costuming.

Crush gets a rockier, MARUV-ified spin with crunching synths and dark atmospheric production which lends a hint to the nu-techno-gothic style that MARUV injects her releases with.

You can watch the video above. Connect with MARUV here.