New Poster For A Future Modern Classic – The Paperboy

Some Thoughts on Why This Is Amazing

  • Nicole Kidman has never looked sleazier. Notice Exhibit A – The Pushed Out Breasts and Exhibit B – The Wanton Gaze. Subtle, Nicole. Very subtle. We know you are going to fit right into the world of Trash Icons.  
  • John Cussack is flaunting the demented hobo look. 
  • Matthew McConaughey looks disapprovingly at Nicole. Jealous, most likely because he wasn’t asked to take his top off.
  • Zac Efron is serious. He’s in a vest. He’s sweaty (or possibly just wet from Nicole’s urine, after that little jelly fish encounter).
  • The desperation to be taken seriously. “Lee Daniels did Precious, it was nominated for Oscars!”
The Paperboy, The Academy Awards 2013 is all yours. Or alternatively, we would be equally happy with Razzies. 

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