Eric Saade Learns From Past Mistakes On New Single ‘Day & Night’

Eric Saade is making up from his absence in releasing English language music by quickly following his Melodifestivalen entry Every Minute with a brand new single Day & Night. The track sees Eric sing against mellow electronic grooves in the dark-funk flavoured track which sees him look back on past mistakes.

Eric notes: “Day & Night is a very important song for me. The lyrics are straight from the heart. It’s a bit different but still in the same feeling from my usual sound. People have been telling me for months that I need to release more music so I just thought here we go. After that there will be a new single, very soon.”

The Swedish pop heartthrob expanded on the meaning behind the track: “The song is about me looking back at myself and things that I’m not that proud of. When you grow up too fast you can look back at stuff and not be that proud of it, then you meet that person that changes you and makes you a better person. I wrote this song one and a half months ago so it’s pretty new. I just felt it when I wrote it and thought I want to release this now. There is lot of realness in the song.”

Eric packs the track with a real contemplative energy seen in the opening verse where he sings: “I’ve been overboard since I was just a boy, I did things that I’m not proud of anymore, I wasn’t the best flavour, the best neighbour, my soul was broke…” The track is one of Eric’s most transparent and honest, whilst also being one of his most sonically interesting thanks to its dark enigmatic grooves which make it moody yet danceable. Day & Night is written by Eric alongside Joy Deb and Julimar Santos. It is produced by Joy Deb.

Read our interview with Eric here. You can keep in touch with Eric on his Instagram. He will be performing in the Melodifestivalen final on March 13th, which can be watched on SVT at 20.00 CET. International viewers can tune in on SVT Play.