German Pop Favourite Daniel Schuhmacher Serves ‘The Tea’ On Latest Single

Daniel Schuhmacher returns with his first new music of 2021 and he is serving The Tea. The dramatic new pop release features urban-flavoured production with savvy lyrics and Daniel’s expected vocal charisma.

The Tea is written by Daniel Schuhmacher, Thilo Türr and Yannick Albrecht, with production from Thilo and Yannick. The result is a truly unique, exciting pop anthem that starts off with slinky R&B stylings but gradually moves towards pop-rock in its edgy attitude-filled final moments. This is some of Daniel’s most varied and entertaining work. Lyrically Daniel and his co-writers deliver some tongue-in-cheek fun with lines including “Still put me in a box, You’re the hunter, I’m the fox, And also I’m a friend of Dorothy, Dip it, serve it, fresh and juicy, Pour it out, oh I’m so thirsty.”

Daniel previously released singles Cold, Hypnotized, Just Be Good To Me and Ecstasy in 2020. We are hoping that 2021 is equally productive as the German pop talent always delivers with his releases.

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