London Based Actor and Singer-Songwriter Billy Cullum Releases New Song ‘Kiss Away’

Billy Cullum is fresh from his role in It’s a Sin as Isle of Wight based barman Hector, but the London-born performer returns to music for his next venture. Billy’s freshly released single is called Kiss Away which shines as Billy’s most openly queer track.

On his Instagram Billy notes: “This is the first time I’m embracing my Queerness in my music so it feels a little special. I cannot wait for you all to see the music video for it which will be coming soon…it’s super special! But for now…give it a listen, sing, dance, stream it, buy it or share it! Special thanks to J MAC who has just put his crazy magic on this new era of music – you’re a dream!”

Billy writes the track, which shines through its proud unapologetic lyricism telling of an exciting romance. Billy sings “Promise me you’ll never leave, be the one, the one for me, take away the misery, a kiss away from you…” against the gradually rousing electronic production. It is an earworm of incredible proportions, whilst feeling heartfelt and hopeful in its musical message.

You can connect with Billy on his social channels: