Laura Mvula Shines Against Sparkling Eighties-Inspired Synths on New Single ‘Safe Passage’

Laura Mvula delivers new track Safe Passage, a nostalgic soulful anthem packed with twinkling synths and gorgeous vocal delivery. The track follows Laura’s recently released 1/f EP.

“No need to make it harder than it already is, I was awake in my dream, When I was looking for safe passage, (I’ll find a way to safe passage),” Laura sings against empowering percussion, soulful backing harmonies, and dazzling synths. The result is a lush soundscape that takes the British soul artist down an interesting new direction that pays homage to classic eighties pop anthems.

The singer explains a little about the inspiration behind the song: “‘Safe Passage’ is a poem about the vehicle that takes us all from the space where we feel like we’re drowning, and we’re trapped to the promised land, which actually exists. It’s not a dream, it’s not a fictional place. We can go there. We can go there like right now. We just have to tap into ourselves to our love relationships. ‘Safe Passage’ evokes that feeling in me. It reminds me of a time when feeling positive emotions was much simpler, much less complicated.” The track is written and produced by Laura and Dann Hume.

Laura’s most recent studio album was 2016’s The Dreaming Room. The singer is now signed with Atlantic Records, with more new music expected throughout the course of the year.