Jeangu Macrooy Reveals The Netherlands Eurovision Entry for 2021 ‘Birth of a New Age’

Host nation The Netherlands will finally get to run the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 and have the perfect song to do it. Jeangu Macrooy returns from the crop of 2020 artists with new song Birth of a New Age – a song of resilience and the celebration of a new time.

“Soul blazing like a hurricane, Your rhythm is rebellion, Spirit roaring wild like untamed flames, Your rhythm is rebellion…” Jeangu sings against rousing multi-instrumental production which allows the uplifting and soulful message to shine. Jeangu told “The song is an ode to everyone who stands up for themselves and dares to celebrate the power of their authenticity.”

Throughout the song Jeangu sings in Sranan Tongo, one of the languages of his birthplace Suriname. He is backed by a soulful gospel choir at various points – something that is undoubtedly going to help the track impress in the contest. Jeangu sings ‘Mi Na Afu Sensi, No Wan Man E Broko Mi’ which translates as I’m half a cent, you can’t break me’ – implying a small coin which can’t be broken any further.

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