Álvaro Soler Releases New Single ‘Magia’, Ahead of Album on July 9th

Spanish-German singer-songwriter Álvaro Soler releases new song Magia – a crowdpleasing Spanish language pop anthem that sees the singer ooze breezy charm. The track is written and produced by Álvaro, Alexander Zuckowski, Jakke Erixson and Simon Triebel.

“Because the magic, of your eyes makes me see, that life is a song, Because the magic, of your lips tells me about, Peter pan and Rock’n’Roll,” Alvaro sings in the chorus which conjures up lush Summer imagery with themes of romances and good times simmering throughout the track. The production is euphoric and positive with a chorus that feels like it will quickly become a staple of Álvaro’s live sets.

It is presumed that Magia will be the first taste of Álvaro’s expected album of the same name. This is due on the 9th of July 2021 and will contain thirteen tracks including this latest single. You can pre-order here.

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