Nick Jonas Releases New Eighties-Inspired Pop Anthem ‘This Is Heaven’ Ahead of ‘Spaceman’ Album Release

Nick Jonas will be dropping his latest solo album Spaceman next week after a successful stint hosting Saturday Night Live. The singer performed two tracks on the comedy show – lead single Spaceman and the then unreleased upcoming track This Is Heaven. The singer now drops the latter of these tracks ahead of his March 12th album release.

Produced by Greg Kurstin and written by Greg Kurstin, Mozella, and Nick, the track features on the Euphoria side of the album alongside other presumably upbeat tracks Sexual and Deeper Love. The album will also contain the sections Distance, Indulgence and Commitment which will house more of the eleven tracks.

The chorus of This Is Heaven sees Nick croon: “This is Heaven, And I don’t know how this could get much better, Than you and me, here right now, This is Heaven…” with soulful backing vocals and classic eighties pop style full production from Kurstin.

You can see the full tracklist below:
1. “Don’t Give Up On Us”
2. “Heights”
3. “Spaceman”
4. “2Drunk”
5. “Delicious”
6. “This Is Heaven”
7. “Sexual”
8. “Deeper Love”
9. “If I Fall”
10. “Death Do Us Part”
11. “Nervous”

So far the album will be released on streaming services and on CD. Fans have been crying out for a vinyl release of the album – which should be expected given that Nick pressed his Nick Jonas and Last Year Was Complicated albums on vinyl. Nick has not yet announced an LP version of the album. Delays in vinyl pressing centres may be the cause of this – as we know Lana Del Rey delayed the release of her most upcoming album Chemtrails Over the Country Club due to wait times for record pressing.