Fresh UK Duo BIPHONY Release Dancefloor Anthem ‘Look at Me Now’

British electronic pop duo BIPHONY made up of queer recording artist Samuel Pack and straight producer Brandon Lake, deliver Look at Me Now a joyous dancefloor filler delivering a message of hope as we emerge from these dark times.

Released through German dance label RUN FREE, Look at Me Now delivers an empowering message about confidence, strength and individuality with a real dynamic flair. Samuel Pack’s vocals are energised and charismatic, whilst Brandon Lake’s bouncing rhythms and euphoric house beats help complete this undeniably fun and energetic fusion. BIPHONY’s upbeat anthem is the perfect antidote for these times – signalling a sense of hope and positivity is on the horizon.

The duo note: “As a pairing, we believe we deliver a strong message of unity, love and acceptance. Plus, our music is FUN, and you can dance to it like no one’s watching (Go check it out!). We have much more music prepared for this year!” We can’t wait!

Connect with BIPHONY here. You can follow Samuel and Brandon on their individual Instagram accounts too.