Willie Gomez Releases New Spanish Language Anthem ‘Salvaje’

Willie Gomez is set to have you dancing into the weekend with his new Spanish language anthem Salvaje which translates into English as Wild. Willie oozes charisma on the sultry up-tempo track packed with scintillating rhythms and immaculate production from Edwin ‘Lil Eddie’ Serrano.

“Come here, right now. Let’s take a trip to downtown. Uh huh, no doubt. I know you wanna show off,” Willie sings in one of the English language parts of the track which celebrates love, passion, and dancing. The track sings about letting loose and losing yourself to the heat and energy of the music. Willie’s delivers a sense of cool swagger as he croons against the underpinning guitar rhythms and electronic production of the track. The result is an infectious Spanish-language party anthem that is destined to be a Latin dancefloor filler.

The track is written by Aleicia Nicole Gibson, Cesar Sanchez, and Willie. You can stream the official video for the project at 13.00 GMT. Connect with Willie on his social channels…

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