Germany’s 2021 Eurovision Entrant Jendrik Releases Quirky Entry ‘I Don’t Feel Hate’

Jendrik Sigwart was unveiled as Germany’s Eurovision 2021 entrant and like many we fell in love with his infectious personality and humorously frantic Tik Toks. The German rising talent has debuted his entry for the contest I Don’t Feel Hate which marks a big departure from the cool of last year’s Violent Thing from Ben Dolic.

Centred on ignoring negativity, the singer’s entry seems to have a love it or hate it response. With strongly-accented vocals and truly quirky production with ukulele aplenty, I Don’t Feel Hate is one of the country’s most original entries yet. Lines such as “‘Cause I don’t feel hate, I just feel sorry. You feel so very clever whenever you find anothеr way to wear me down, But I don’t feel hate,” showcase Jendrik’s message with an enthusiastic gusto.

I Don’t Feel Hate is written by Christoph Oswald and Jendrik, with production by Christoph too. The video will be released today at 17.00 GMT.