Nick Jonas Releases New Single Spaceman, Unveils Album Tracklist for March 12th Release

It’s conflicting being a fan of the Jonas Brothers. On one hand the boys make incredible music as a trio, as their latest album Happiness Begins proved. But Joe and Nick are capable of fantastic things in their solo projects – Nick as a pensive R&B pop talent and Joe in DNCE, the raucous party band. We hope we are living in a world when we can have both as Nick now unveils his third solo album, Spaceman. The album is due March 12th and preceded by the Greg Kurstin produced single of the same name.

Nick notes: “So excited to be starting this journey with all of you. I made this album while doing what most of us have been doing during this past year, sitting at home getting used to the new normal and hoping for better days ahead. There are four central themes we will explore on this album… Distance. Indulgence. Euphoria. Commitment. Music has always connected the world and helped us to heal. I hope this music helps you on your journey through space and time…”

It seems that Spaceman will be something of a concept album and we are intrigued by the album delving into these four key themes. His latest single seems to have political undertones, whilst also acknowledging the isolation of the pandemic and the fight for inequality in the lyrics. Nick is scheduled to perform the track on SNL this weekend and likely to perform another album track on the set.

You can see the full tracklist below:

1. “Don’t Give Up On Us”
2. “Heights”
3. “Spaceman”
4. “2Drunk”
5. “Delicious”
6. “This Is Heaven”
7. “Sexual”
8. “Deeper Love”
9. “If I Fall”
10. “Death Do Us Part”
11. “Nervous”