Italian Pop Sensation AIELLO Announces New Album ‘Meridionale’ Ahead of San Remo 2021 Debut

Wouldn’t it just be a dream if rising Italian indie sensation AIELLO was the winner of San Remo 2021 and subsequently decided to go to Eurovision? Whilst that is a truly tantalising thought, we can enjoy the news that the handsome Italian singer will be releasing his latest album Meridionale on the 12th of March.

The album will contain AIELLO’s San Remo 2021 entry Ora as well previously released singles Vienimi (a ballare) and Che canzone siamo. Check out the full tracklist below.

  1. Intro (dove vanno a finire)
  2. Farfalle
  3. Che canzone siamo
  4. Certe lune
  5. Per la prima volta
  6. Vienimi (a ballare)
  7. Scomposto
  8. La la land
  9. Di te niente ft SVM
  10. Ora

San Remo is due to kick off on the 2nd of March and will run until the 26th of March. The winner traditionally goes forward as Italy’s Eurovision entry, but this is not always the case.

AIELLO previously released album EX VOTO back in 2019. Meridionale marks his second full-length album. The singer explained some of the meaning behind the release on his Instagram – see a translated extract below: Meridionale I dedicate it to my land, without useless dualisms between north and south, which so much the south belongs to everyone. Meridionale is blood, is skin, is sea foam, is a city in the dark, is a road where I returned, a tattoo, my act of courage. The pride of my roots, Calabria … the contamination between Greeks, Spaniards and Arabs, between Normans and the Balkan communities.”