Valerie June Releases ‘Why The Bright Stars Glow’ Ahead of March-Set ‘The Moon and Stars’ LP

Valerie June’s latest album The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers is not due until March 12th, but the singer has been drip-feeding pre-release tracks from the upcoming Southern soul album. The Tennessee native gives us the latest taste of the set Why The Bright Stars Glow.

Produced by Jack Splash and Valerie, and written by Valerie, the track is a gorgeous emotive slice of Southern soul. An official statement describes the upcoming album: “The Moon And Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers” is sweeping and ambitious with earthy R&B production and a touch of psychedelia amidst its astral folk-pop orchestration, the pair arrived at a sound that is elegant and endlessly surprising. At the center is June’s spellbinding vocals and infectious sense of wonder that finds the Brooklyn-via-Memphis artist narrating the often precarious journey to joyful possibility.”

Valerie has already debuted tracks Call Me A Fool, You and I, Stay and Stay Meditation from the upcoming album. You can see the full tracklist below:

“Stay Meditation”
“You And I”
“Stardust Scattering”
“African Proverb Read By Carla Thomas”
“Call Me A Fool”
“Within You”
“Two Roads”
“Why The Bright Stars Glow”
“Home Inside”
“Starlight Ethereal Silence”