Deal or No Deal’s Return? What’s the Deal?

Photo credit: Alecia Hinston

Deal or No Deal was an American game show that aired on NBC from 2005 until 2009. It was very well received and is still popular today. The host of the show, Howie Mandel, was also the executive producer. The family game show was a high-pressure and high-stakes game. You took extreme risks with your winnings. You could win up to $1 million or, if you chose wrong, you could lose it all.

Deal or No Deal in the UK

The British version of the game show Deal or No Deal started on Channel 4 on 31st October 2005. It came onto our screens virtually unknown, however as of 2011 4.5 million people were watching the show every weekday. The show has been hosted by Noel Edmonds for the whole of its life. The game board is split between the ‘reds’ and the ‘blues’. The reds are anything up from £1,000 to £250,000 and the blues represent the amounts from 1p to £750. As of 4th April 2010, 29 people have won 1p, whereas 2 have won £250,000.

How to play

The game begins with 26 sealed briefcases full of varying amounts of cash. The cases can contain .01 cents or $1 million.  The contestants select a case. They then receive an offer from a person known only as, “the banker”. In exchange for what is in the chosen case. If the contestant refuses every deal from the banker, he is then allowed to trade his case for another if he wishes. This is the end of the game. The case is opened and he wins the amount of money that is in the case he chose.

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The Come-Back

In 2018 Deal or No Deal made a comeback. Howie Mandel is still the host but no longer the executive producer. The new Deal or New Deal is produced by Truly Original, a subsidiary of Endemol Shine North America. The executive producers are Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, and Scott St. John. Jim Ackerman and Christian Barcello are the executive producers for CNBC. The game is basically the same but it has some significant changes that have given it a refreshing feeling.

In the new Deal or No Deal, the silhouette of the banker is a woman instead of a man. Perhaps the most noticeable change has to do with the beautiful models. These lovely ladies are not just looking pretty and holding the cases. They are wearing microphones and interacting with Howie and the contestants. This makes the show much more interesting. This is not a minor thing. Remember the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle got her start on this show. These are some big high-heels to fill. Still, some may question why in this day and age all of the models are female.

Other Deal or No Deal Fun

Lottoland, an industry leader in online lotto and casino gaming has introduced a Deal or No Deal lotto game. In the Deal or No Deal at Lottoland,  players choose six numbers between 1 and 49. The goal is to match as many as possible via Lottoland’s Instant Win draw. It is an exciting and fun game, and it is becoming very popular.

Google Play offers a free app to download a Deal or No Deal game. While the game is fun, beware. You will get a lot of pop-ups trying to sell you games. The game is fun but the interruptions are frustrating.

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Video Systems

There is a Deal or No Deal for the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS. The developer is Destination Software and it was made in 2008. This is a spot-on version of the television show. Parents should be aware, while the show is rated “Family-PG” it is considered a form of gambling. The video carries an ESRB rating of E for “Mild Suggestive Themes”, therefore we are not promoting this game for children,

Deal or No Deal Electronic Board Game

Made by iToys, this game is for one to four players. Select your case just like on the show. You will get your offers from an electronic “banker”. This is a fun game and was a successful seller. You can find it on Amazon for around $18 – $25.

There are games made by other companies. The non-electronic games are a bit complicated for younger children who have not developed their math skills. There is a game made by Imagination Entertainment that is a DVD version and there is a card game. But, the iToys games seems to be the closest game to the real show and the most fun.

Deal or No Deal was a great success when it first came on the scene and we have little doubt that it will continue to be successful in its comeback. There are a lot of ways to enjoy the game and there seems to be something for everyone. Whether you are playing the Lottoland Deal or No Deal lotto game or having fun with the electronic game with friends, you will be in for some fun with this game. As Churchill once said, “Everything old is new again”. So, it is worth your time and effort to give it a try. You might find it very enjoyable. We certainly did.