Trailer: Texas Chainsaw 3D

Oh no, our hopes were so high for this sequel/reboot to Tobe Hooper’s iconic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Platinum Dunes remake and prequel were watchable but unfortunately could not capture the gritty atmosphere and unadulterated terror that made the original so thrilling. We hoped that John Luessenhop’s take on the series could recapture some of the spark of Hooper’s original but unfortunately it looks like a watered down version of the previous two films.

Texas Chainsaw 3D picks off where Hooper’s original left off, we follow a young woman who receieves notice that she has inherited her grandmother’s estate. When she and several friends (all young and horny, we presume) set out to claim this new found inheritance, they discover that a chainsaw wielding maniac still resides there.

We should really reserve judgement on Luessenhop’s feature but when the trailer mostly comprises of young teens running away from Leatherface, we’re not too sure this will be covering much new ground. However, we are particularly looking forward to seeing Clint Eastwood’s young, handsome son, Scott Eastwood, in the role of the town’s deputy – who unfortunately does not feature in the trailer.

Texas Chainsaw 3D will be with us on the 4th of January 2013.

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