Texas Musician Dan Angelo Navigates Hip Pop Territory on New Single ‘All For You’

Texas born musician Dan Angelo delivers his first musical output of 2021, All For You, an energetic release that brings together the world of hip hop and pop for a soulful combination.

Dan told us a little bit about the inspiration and themes behind the track: “This is a song I’ve been working on for a while and I put my soul into. For every broken, healing, or new relationship— we can all relate in some way. We all have someone or something that we would give it all up for. My girlfriend helping me through my getback inspired the track.”

Dan’s vocals during the soulful pop moments are wonderfully engaging, these paired with the fast-paced hip hop elements produce a unique release that is clear comes from Dan’s heart.

The singer has been creating music since his teenage years and originally found himself working in the hip hop genre with his best friend in a duo called The College. They have since parted ways, with Dan’s life taking a dramatic turn after an arrest. Dan has since bounced back with music and the support of his girlfriend, with tracks like All For You a testament to the healing power of love and music.

You can connect with Dan below.