Camden-Artist RAY NVVY Delivers Alternative R&B Sounds On New Single ‘Tell Me’

RAY NVVY (pronounced Ray Navy) releases his latest single Tell Me – an enigmatic slice of R&B music, with the man of few words telling us that the inspiration behind the track was that he “felt comfortable exposing his emotions.”

“Tell me tell me, Just what I gotta lose, Tell me Tell me, Just what I gotta prove” RAY sings in the enigmatic lyrics channelling an angle of self-worth and self-importance. Paired with sultry electronic grooves in the production, Tell Me gains further gravitas through a bold video which sees the singer running down an abandoned country road with blood on his face and a hold-all over his shoulder, provoking further questions.

RAY has previously released tracks NO SLEEP, Essence, I CAN’T, and STARTED IT

You can stream the track above. Connect with RAY NVVY below: