Barbara Pravi Releases the Official Music Video for France’s 2021 Eurovision Entry ‘Voilà’

Elegant French chanteuse Barbara Pravi has debuted the official video for her 2021 Eurovision Song Contest entry Voilà. The singer would beat huge talents including Casanova, Terence James and Ali to gain victory in Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez at the end of January.

The mysterious video sees Barbara in a chic trenchcoat and beret exploring an abandoned railway surrounded by masked dancers. The video is most likely connected to Barbra’s feelings on the phrase, Voilà, noting in an interview: “I often think that ‘Voilà’ is the end and the beginning of something,” with this echoed in translations of the song “Here, here, here, here I am, Here I am, even if stripped naked I am afraid, yes” capturing sentiments of raw, exposed humanity.

You can watch Barbara’s video for Voilà above.