Allie X Releases Anthemic New Pop Gem ‘GLAM!’ Ahead of Vinyl Reissues

Sparkling synths and immaculate pop vocals adorn Allie X’s latest single GLAM! The track began as an unreleased demo, but will since be included on the CollXtion I & II Double LP Vinyl which the Canadian pop star is due to release. Thankfully Allie X has blessed us by putting the track on streaming services.

It’s hard to imagine this track sitting unreleased as it is a true gem. Packed with eighties influenced production, it is a bombastic shimmering pop anthem ready made for blasting out car windows on a summer day. With a pre-chorus that sees Allie X sing: “And I’ll be the girl, That changes the world, I’m so close, I can taste it, So give me a chance, And give me your hand, Spotlight, love me forever,” the track feels somewhat autobiographical chronicling Allie X’s ascension to the spotlight.

Good luck getting hold of one of Allie’s upcoming double LPs. It looks like the run has sold out already.

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