Emerging Talent E. Alvin Releases Enigmatic Cover of Eiffel 65’s Europop Gem ‘Blue’

E. Alvin takes on a nineties classic in a truly enigmatic and original fashion with his latest release, Blue. The track, a re-imaging of Eiffel 65 europop anthem Blue (Da Ba Dee) converts the track into a brooding soulful dark pop gem.

The singer describes a little of the the thinking behind the cover “I am guilty of my own pleasure, surrounded by the sadness and grief in a place where it’s hard to live. Blue is my window, my house, my feelings. Blue is a celebration. A place to be calm. A place to be safe. Blue is my people; people like you.” The plentiful connotations of Blue makes it the perfect subject matter for this ambitious, well-crafted slice of artistic pop.

The truly haunting spin on a nineties dance classic is a real original move which pays off well for E. Alvin. Blue is produced by ZTK, is the first single of E. Alvin’s upcoming EP Limbs II. The release follows E. Alvin’s 2020 single Appetite and EP Limbs, Vol. I which debuted in 2019.

You can connect with E. Alvin here. Hear Blue above.