Nate Rich X Delivers Tongue-in-Cheek Depression Banger ‘Sad Boy Shit’

Nate Rich X floored us with his punky single Text Me Back last month. The handsome bedroom pop star returns with his latest anthem Sad Boy Shit – the track is perfectly tailored for these dark Winter months of self-isolation, yet retains Nate’s predilection for tongue-in-cheek lyricism.

Nate notes: “While we’re definitely longing for a hot girl summer, we are instead stuck in an endless sad boy winter, and “Sad Boy Shit” is its unapologetic anthem.”

With soulful vocals gliding atop mellow R&B fused electronic production from Guy John, Nate sings “I never thought that growing up would feel like such a challenge, Struggling as an artist so I question all my talents, Trying to be a vegan with $16 salads, Check my bank account and I see I have low balance,” capturing the singer’s honest, amusing lyricism.

We’re excited to see what else that Nate has in store for us as the year progresses. Stream Sad Boy Shit above.

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