Preview: Smash Season 2

Smash is back! Alongside American Horror Story and Dallas, Smash has been one of the most exciting American television shows in recent years. Boasting a stellar cast and guest stars, stunning musical numbers and choreography, as well as some truly gripping storylines – Smash is a mature cut above teenybopper trash like Glee.

Season two looks set to bring everything on a bigger more exciting scale than the first series. We’ve picked out some of our highlights from the four minute trailer (no sign of Liza yet though, boo):

  • We’re thrust back into the temperamental relationship between Ivy and Karen. It was slightly concerning that Ivy might have been faded out of the show after Karen was picked as the lead in Bombshell at the end of Season 1, but we’re ecstatic to know it looks like she’ll be featured just as much. Anyone up for some elevator bitchery? Just check out the trailer below.
  • Sticking with Ivy, we’re excited to see the character in a more emotional storyline as it seems she’s dropped from Bombshell. Megan Hilty is a superbly talented actress, so we’re looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us.
  • The inclusion of another diva (you can never have too many), Jennifer Hudson. It looks like Hudson is going to have a fair few musical numbers to show off these powerhouse vocals, as well as quite a prominent acting role as Broadway star, Veronica Moore. Exciting!
  • Debra Messing’s Julia Houston is still an emotional wreck. Yay?
  • It appears Anjelica Huston is still amazing. Obviously.
  • Jack Davenport’s Derek Wills’ is still shouts a lot. And he’s betraying Ivy again? Shame on him!
  • We’ve not just got the inclusion of Jennifer Hudson, there’s also Joyful Noise’s Jeremy Jordan and Hairspray’s Nikki Blonsky. Broadway icon, Bernadette Peters is back, as well as the wonderful Sean Hayes (Grace and Jack back together). Last but not least, Liza Minneli will be appearing in one of the later episodes. 
Smash Season 2 is back on February the 5th 2013. We can’t wait. 


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