Canadian Pop Duo Your Paris Tackle Happiness Guilt on Beautiful New Single ‘First’

Toronto-based pop duo Your Paris release their latest single First this week. The track delves into the complex emotions of feeling guilt for your own sense of happiness. The band spoke a little about the track below:

“First, our new song, is about feeling guilty for your own happiness. You feel on top of the world in your relationship, but it’s at the expense of someone else who was left behind and is entirely heartbroken. Relationships, love, and even ‘happiness’ itself are not always clear cut. They’re complicated, and can be somewhat polarizing, but in a way that’s what it’s all about. You wouldn’t appreciate the highs if you didn’t have the lows. First captures the duality of simultaneous love and heartbreak.

With Laila’s gentle vocals leading most of the song, it does permeate the emotions to produce a real heartfelt musical statement. Lyrics such as “When I’m the onе he’s putting first? Why is it that my heart hurts?” pack a subtle punch, showcasing the feelings of happiness guilt at the expense of another. Musically, the track is an intoxicating blend of pop and folk music, delivered with impeccable conviction.

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