NYC-Based Emerging Musical Talent Kisos Releases Heartfelt ‘He Didn’t Want Me’

We previously featured Call Me When You’re Wasted from Kisos and Anna Wang, but now Kisos returns with a new single, the heartfelt He Didn’t Want Me.

Kisos notes: “He Didn’t Want Me is the acceptance stage of grief, and because it’s so depressing sonically, I wanted the music video to balance that with an ethereal metamorphosis and ritual of communal love. I hope you feel transformed along with me.” This is channelled in a truly poignant fashion in the video which sees Kisos undergo a physical transgression as a means of moving on emotionally.

Packed with rich sentiment and conviction, lyrics such as “If he wanted me, he would’ve told me, If he loved me, he would’ve shown me more, If he wanted me, he would’ve wanted me to be happy, Wouldn’t always have to be asking for a moment of his time,” capture the sense of grief, self-doubt and pain at the end of a relationship – yet doing so with a sense of acceptance that things could not be changed.

The track is set to feature on Kisos’ upcoming EP sweet nothings due later this year. LGBTQ+ music video show QUEERANTINE, hosted by Kisos, which raised almost $10,000 for social justice causes in 2020, returns January 24th. Connect below:

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